My Competition entry for Hillarys blinds

My best friend recently sent me a link to Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition.  Here’s the link to the competition page

With a prize of £1000 and with a baby due in a few weeks I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed.

The idea of the competition was to make an original craft design using a 100cm x 100cm piece of fabric provided by Hillarys from their country retreat range.

I chose a the ‘bird parade’ fabric, featuring beautiful printed peacocks.


After a sleepless night of designing 101 things in my head and apologising to my husband several times for turning the lamp on to write notes and draw sketches. I settled on the following design…..

A pair of Sparkly Peacock lampshades.


I wanted the whole bird to feature as a main panel on the lampshade, so I settled on a square frame, as a circular frame would have lost some of the bird. Once settled on my size, I set out to enhance the peacock to add another dimension, and found perfect colour matching Swarovski crystals to use on the peacock, and a teal feathers for the crests on the heads. I enjoyed the therapeutic repetitiveness of sticking on the tiny crystals so much that I got carried away and decorated the blossom on the trees as well, this time using an iridescent crystal.

  tree-bling-edited Tail-bling-edited I am delighted with the finished result as the crystals sparkle in natural daylight and add an extra dimension when the lampshade is switched on. 2-peacock-lampshades.jpg-ed

18 thoughts on “My Competition entry for Hillarys blinds

  1. Gina!

    These are absolutely stunning! Love the way you embellished your design with crystals AND the feather! Plus, it totally looks like you had fun doing it. Brilliant entry.

    • Thank you my lovely. I had great fun. It was nice to think on a new design instead of repeating designs I’ve already made. xx

    • Thank you so much Joanne. I hope the judge thinks so too lol. Thank you for taking the time to leave a lovely comment xx

  2. So, so special xxx The detail you have added is just right – not too much and not too little. Very classy and high end – need to be exhibited I think! ;-) xxx

    • Awww thank you my lovely, You’re such a huge supporter of my work Caroline and I really value your opinion. Look forward to exhibiting with you soon xx

  3. Gorgeous. The delicate embellishments makes them look absolutely stunning and very classy. Good luck, hope you win.

  4. Repeating Renita’s comment – absolutely stunning! Very best of luck with your competition entry. The results definitely look well worth an extra sleepless night. Well done. (And hope all goes well in the next few weeks baby-wise, too!) :)

    • Thank you very much Susan. All entries have to be in by the 31st March, so hopefully not long to wait now! Though waiting for this baby seems an age away lol xx

    • Aw thank you very much. I really loved designing for this competition. I just looked at your blog design too, and an equal WOW goes to you. I love the dress on the cat. If only they could have sent enough fabric to make an adult dress too x

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