My best friend recently sent me a link to Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition.  Here’s the link to the competition page

With a prize of £1000 and with a baby due in a few weeks I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed.

The idea of the competition was to make an original craft design using a 100cm x 100cm piece of fabric provided by Hillarys from their country retreat range.

I chose a the ‘bird parade’ fabric, featuring beautiful printed peacocks.


After a sleepless night of designing 101 things in my head and apologising to my husband several times for turning the lamp on to write notes and draw sketches. I settled on the following design…..

A pair of Sparkly Peacock lampshades.


I wanted the whole bird to feature as a main panel on the lampshade, so I settled on a square frame, as a circular frame would have lost some of the bird. Once settled on my size, I set out to enhance the peacock to add another dimension, and found perfect colour matching Swarovski crystals to use on the peacock, and a teal feathers for the crests on the heads. I enjoyed the therapeutic repetitiveness of sticking on the tiny crystals so much that I got carried away and decorated the blossom on the trees as well, this time using an iridescent crystal.

  tree-bling-edited Tail-bling-edited I am delighted with the finished result as the crystals sparkle in natural daylight and add an extra dimension when the lampshade is switched on. 2-peacock-lampshades.jpg-ed