I was delighted to be asked to take part in the Kirkcudbright arts and crafts weekend by Solway Books. A delightful bookshop selling new and second-hand books (of which I bought many while I was there)

I ran four daily workshops which included felting pictures from wool, magnet making and card making, (though everybody just wanted to make magnets) and fabric stencilling. I was going to do a workshop on hanging decorations, but the felt making was in such high demand I swapped the decorations for another day of felting.

The classes were designed so they were adaptable for every age. The youngest was just 18 months old and the oldest…I wouldn’t dare! (suffice to say they were long retired )

My biggest delight was the children. As a former Nursery Nurse I love working with children. However I am aware they come in various shades of attitudes. Every child that came to me that weekend was a credit to their parents. Every child was a delight to teach and so mannerly. Huge thanks to all of them. (A special thank you goes to the lovely couple, Bev and Keith of www.solwaybooks.co.uk  for having me and keeping me supplied with copious cups of tea and laughter, and my felting mentor Liz Gaffney of www.heartfeltbyliz for teaching me everything I know)

Here are a few pictures of the weekend’s workshops.

workshop-pics workshop-pics-6 workshop-pics-5 workshop-pics-4 workshop-pics3 workshop-pics2