Woo Hoo I’m plastered!

I’m delighted to announce I’m plastered!

Sorry amend that to my Workshop is plastered.

For followers of my blog I think you will know quite how good it feels, especially as this project was started 4 years ago. (bearing in mind we only have a small window of time in the farming calender to work on it each year)

plastered2 plastered3

I was hoping to have the workshop finished before the baby arrives, but when I think of what I’m actually capable of just now and the fact spring is here and Mark is back to farming, I think It’s time to be realistic!

plastered4 plastered

Though I do have a store room ready to put boxes in (the lights and skirting board are neither here nor there!)


8 thoughts on “Woo Hoo I’m plastered!

  1. Hey hey lovely tubby person…looking fab- delighted you have got so far…when this little person comes into the world the colour of the wall will not be importsnt

    • Liz, Just as long as she doesn’t get her desire for painting my wall from you. I’m still in therapy after you painted my conservatory florescent turquoise lol xx

    • Aha Peter, I’m so close to putting up another post with how we’ve progressed, but I keep wanting to do X,Y and Z before I photograph it. I guess I need to put myself a dead line for the next update and go with it regardless lol

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