Where did the time go………?

Oh my goodness where did the time go?

I happen to be having one of those rare days where I have time to draw breath and catch you up with the last 22 months. I’d better make it the Readers Digest version though….

By the look of my last blog I was 8 months pregnant with our extremely long awaited baby and painting my studio……

I’m delighted to say I completed the studio, and even better I gave birth to the most adorable baby girl, ¬†Amelia Lara weighing in at a whopping 10.1 lb. (She turned 1 yr several weeks ago). As you can tell by the length of time that has passed between blogs, she has been a complete game changer. It has been an amazing year of highs and more highs.

I will leave you with some photos of Amelia’s first year and I look forward to filling you in with some of the fabulous events that have happened during my time away, such as….My Dad got married….I started a new band….My Studio is now open…


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