On the 17th of October this year I annoounced on Facebook that I was currently working on what I believe to be one of my greatest design creations. I figured the time has come to reveal all

It’s that incredible moment when something you’ve been working on (and thought would be so easy, but wasn’t) Suddenly happens!

I collaborated with my husband on this design, and finally after three and a half years of work, tears, dissappointment and with amazing continuous support from our friends and family am delighted to now share the latest design going on here at Gina Lillycrop Designs…. I’m sure you’ll agree it the 2nd greatest design I’ve ever created (My first was 14 years ago)

Please let me introduce you to Baby Lawson, Who hopefully, will make an appearance around the 21st of April 2014

Scan1 Taken at 6 weeks (I’ve had to highlight it  slightly as it was so small

Scan2 Our upside down spaceman at 9 weeks

Scan3 Our Alien with hands behind head at 12 weeks

Scan4 Looking like a proper baby at 13 weeks