Patterned Triceratops Rug

My Patterned Triceratops rug has been designed due to popular requests for a dinosaur rug. The Triceratops's stocky build made him the perfect candidate for a sumptuous floor covering. Each rug comes with its own certificate of authenticity and is wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a gift box for posting.

This Dinosaur rug is made from a very short pile velboa fabric (made from polyester, but feel like velour), with 100% polyester wadding inside and a polycotton thermal backing for use on cold or hard floors. Horns are made from wadding filled suedette fabric.

Please keep away from Fires and naked flames. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash at 30°. Dry flat and brush gently when dry. Texture may alter slightly with washing.

Suitable for birth and up. The rug measures 135 cm long x 63 cm high.

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Price: £110.00

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