I have had a lot of input from business mentors (or as I call them – friends) over the last year. Who have been helping me move my business forward, as you might have noticed with my completed website and my growing Etsy shop

The main thing they mentioned was the fact most people didn’t know the biggest  part of my business was Curtains in Wigtownshire.

It appears I was mostly known for my designer children’s rugs, garlands and craft fair decorations. rather than my Curtains, blinds, pelmets fitted covers etc that I have been making since before I established my business in 2004.

So, the answer was to take out an advert in a local magazine.

We are very fortunate to have a Beautiful  glossy magazine called “Our Wigtownshire” that launched very successfully last year, (and I was lucky enough to be featured in the last publication of it), so this month was the obvious choice to follow it up with an advert.

Knowing nothing about designing an advert I put my words and photos in to the hands of ‘Our Wigtownshires’ graphic designers and took it from there. Three  emails and two changes later and I was delighted to pick up my copy of the magazine on Friday to find this


Hopefully now Curtains in Wigtownshire will be easy to find