Curtains in Wigtownshire

I have had a lot of input from business mentors (or as I call them – friends) over the last year. Who have been helping me move my business forward, as you might have noticed with my completed website and my growing Etsy shop The main thing they mentioned was the fact most people didn’t know… Read More »

The sofa project

I have finally finished a large furniture covering contract for a delightful couple and their holiday home. They loved the suite they had in their holiday cottage and couldn’t find another suite they liked as much so enlisted my services to have it covered instead. They could have had them reupholstered, but liked the idea… Read More »

Get the creative juices flowing

To be creative, one has to take time out and break away from normal daily routines, and yesterday was exactly that. I spent a wonderful 10 hours playing with fabrics and card making with my best friend, Liz of We used our Sizzix Big shot and slice fabrique  cutting machines to make some beautiful fabric… Read More »

‘What do you mean the sofa’s in France?

 previous fitted sofa cover  Two months ago I had an interesting conversation with a lovely lady about a sofa cover. It goes a bit like this…. Lovely Lady:  ‘I was wondering if you made fitted Sofa covers?’ Me:                  ‘yes I can cover most things’. Lovely Lady:  ‘but what if the sofas in France?’ Me:                  ‘What… Read More »


This is my latest commission. This giant rug was made for a 9yr old dinosaur obsessed boy for his Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed designing this.             This Star rug was made for my nephew for his first Christmas, to go with his twinkle star themed nursery. You wouldn’t believe how… Read More »

Where did the last three months go?

Oh my goodness is it November already? What’s happened to the last 3 months? Well if my lack of house work is anything to go by….. lots! August was a month of Birthdays, harvest, craft fairs, curtains and pelmets (this was a very tricky job. My customer had some beautiful fabric that she wanted to use… Read More »

A look back and forward.

As I look back over the last month of posts, I had forgotten just how much I’ve done. It’s been a month of growth, new design, farming, work and personal development. It’s also been a great exorcise in blogging, communicating, networking, information gathering and most importantly meeting and making new friends. During the month of… Read More »