The sofa project

I have finally finished a large furniture covering contract for a delightful couple and their holiday home. They loved the suite they had in their holiday cottage and couldn’t find another suite they liked as much so enlisted my services to have it covered instead. They could have had them reupholstered, but liked the idea… Read More »

Garden rethink

For the last 3 years I have been waiting for the boys to bring the excavator into the garden to remove some trees and scrape off the top soil and reseed to give me a perfect manicured lawn. However….. While hanging washing on the line in my unkempt garden I realised I was in love… Read More »

Oh to be loved by a calf…

It’s been a while since my last post. Mostly due to lots of work, and starting my day earlier to fit more in.

Since my last blog I’ve taken on an orphaned calf, a large soft furnishing order, I’ve designed my new spring range of bunting/garlands, and taken over the running of the Dumfries and Galloway Mumpreneur networking group (to name a few things).  I’m loving being so busy, but it does mean some things get missed, like my blog and down time!

I thought I’d get back in to my blog by introducing you to my Calf.

Name:  Buttons

Age:  3 months

Weight:  very  (according to toe calculations)

The wee video above shows a clip of me feeding Buttons this morning. He gets a little frustrated in between top ups of his bottle. It would probably speed things up if he gave up trying to find if I had udders!

And people ask why I spend my life in overalls and waterproof trousers!

Let there be light

Ta Da!   I have windows. For those of you who have been following the slow progress of my workshop… As you know, being Farmers we have a small window (no pun intended) of time over the winter to work on non farming projects. The boys have worked like trojans this weekend and have fitted 8 velux… Read More »

Xmas give away…

One of my handmade Lamb rugs to give away for Christmas. All you have to do is subscribe to my blog. The winner will be drawn on the 14th December 2012 in order to get it to them for Christmas. For an extra chance to win, click on the following link and like my facebook… Read More »

Wigtown book festival

I’m delighted to announce that I will be running a children’s workshop at the Wigtown book festival next Sunday,30 Sept from 10am – 5pm in the children’s tipi.   This year the book festival is celebrating the natural beauty of our unspoilt night sky, from star-gazing suppers to fantasies of the Arabian Nights.  Working… Read More »

Open University digital photography course.

  For Christmas My Husband and I bought a fancy camera between us for a joint present. A beautiful Nikon 3100 and I couldn’t stop opening the box before Christmas until Mark took it off me and hid it. Christmas day came and I played with it all day until I depressed myself that I… Read More »

Surviving Arctic camping

Well, we survived the camping! It started like this…           and it ended ended like this…             The bit in the middle was fab, if a little cold. The only difference the thinnest of thin nylon sheets made between the outside and inside temperature, was to… Read More »