Curtains in Wigtownshire

I have had a lot of input from business mentors (or as I call them – friends) over the last year. Who have been helping me move my business forward, as you might have noticed with my completed website and my growing Etsy shop The main thing they mentioned was the fact most people didn’t know… Read More »

Woo Hoo I’m plastered!

I’m delighted to announce I’m plastered! Sorry amend that to my Workshop is plastered. For followers of my blog I think you will know quite how good it feels, especially as this project was started 4 years ago. (bearing in mind we only have a small window of time in the farming calender to work on… Read More »

What are best friends for?

Struggling financially? Suffering the stress of Christmas and not able to afford the gifts you’d like to give everybody, or having the time to hand make them, especially for your closest friends and family? Feel like you want to run away? Feel like you want to quit your business because you think you’re no good… Read More »

The big reveal……..

On the 17th of October this year I annoounced on Facebook that I was currently working on what I believe to be one of my greatest design creations. I figured the time has come to reveal all It’s that incredible moment when something you’ve been working on (and thought would be so easy, but wasn’t) Suddenly happens! I… Read More »